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Welcome to Your Coaster Connection for Promotional Beer Coasters. We offer only the highest quality promotional coasters at the best prices. How can we do this? Because we specialize in custom printed coasters.

Promotional Beer CoastersWe offer several lines of beverage coasters from our pulpboard beer coasters to our beautiful gift coasters. Promotional coasters are cost-effective marketing tools that can be used in so many ways. Our pulpboard beer coasters are used for more than just restaurant and alcohol promotions. They’re lightweight and easily integrated into direct mail campaigns. They’re perfect for upcoming event promotions or if you’re targeting an audience who engages in an active social life. And if you’re getting married, these can be used for wedding coasters as well.

Our selection of gift coasters is appealing and refreshing. With a number of decorating techniques at our disposal, these handsome custom coasters make wonderful gifts for your clients, prospective customers and employees alike.

And if you’re looking for something truly unique, take a look at our cork coasters and stone coasters. Our line of cork coasters make fun promotional giveaways. And our stone coasters are amazingly beautiful.

Take a look around, and give us a call with questions or when you’re ready to order. We’re your connection for affordable drink coasters, and we’re happy to help.

Types of Coasters

Beer Coasters

Often referred to as paper coasters, our beer coasters are made from premium pulpboard. These are the same coasters you see in bars and restaurants around the country. Pulpboard is available in a variety of thicknesses. The most popular is 60 point, which makes for a nice, medium weight coaster. The 40 point coasters are perfect for those on a tighter budget, or planning to use them at one-time events. Our 80 point coasters are thicker and more durable. They will definitely make a statement!

We also have several print methods available for printing our promotional beer coasters. When we do larger quantities, such as 2,500 or more, we print the coasters on an offset press. Offset printing provides the best combination of print quality and affordability. So if you want 2,500 or 25 million coasters, we can handle your order with our offset printed coasters. Pad printing provides an effective way to offer smaller quantities of pulpboard coasters at a good price, with short production times. Pad printing works best when the artwork is kept simple. We also offer digitally printed coasters, which allows us to print your full color artwork on these coasters in much smaller quantities. With all of these options available, we’ll find the perfect method for your next project.

Cork Coasters

Cork is an amazing product, and is an easily renewable resource. When you need a small quantity of coasters, but are looking for something more unique than our pulpboard coasters, then cork might be an excellent solution for your project. We offer the cork coasters in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be imprinted in one or two imprint colors with your custom artwork, and they’re eco-friendly. A great combination.

Stone Coasters

Our line of stone coasters are simply stunning. We offer sandstone coasters and tumbled stone coasters that can be imprinted with your logo and promotional message. Available with full color graphics, these make for impactful promotional gifts. They can be ordered individually or in sets. Your customers and prospective clients will proudly display these handsome stone coasters.

Uses For Coasters

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are among our most common clients for our promotional beer coasters. Coasters provide an affordable way to promote drink specials, upcoming events, featured menu items and specific lines of beer and alcohol.

Event Promotion

Many of our clients use coasters to promote upcoming events. Partnering with a local bar or tavern to promote upcoming concerts, sporting events or theatrical productions is an effective way to market your event. And by partnering with local establishments, you can print their information on the back of the coasters and share the production costs.

Promote Your Business

It’s always interesting to see what types of businesses find new and interesting ways to promote their services. What do cab companies, bail bondsmen and lawyers have in common? Customers. If a bar patron fails to call for a cab and drives while intoxicated, they may need the services of a bail bondsman and an attorney. Many bars are happy to utilize your branded coasters, especially when your services are a benefit to their patrons.

Community Services

Non-profit organizations and community services are always looking for affordable ways to spread the word about their programs. We’ve found coasters to be effective tools for rape crisis centers, alcohol and drug programs, safe ride services, gambling problems and much more.

Weddings and Events

Sometimes it’s not about promoting an event, it’s about branding during an event. Couples often buy wedding coasters as a way to commemorate their special day. And for other events such as wine tastings and ribbon cuttings, beverage coasters are useful for your visitors.

Direct Mail and Product Promotion

Printed coasters are thin and easy to mail. Some can even be postmarked and mailed like a postcard. These coasters make for interesting invitations for your next event, or as a way to promote your product or service.

The bottom line is that their are hundreds of ways to utilize custom printed coasters. Let your imagination run wild. Or let ours. Give us a call and we’ll find the perfect coaster for your next promotional project.